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Early dance group Ballare was founded in Riga, Latvia in year 2000. It’s repertoire consists of dances from different European countries – Italy, France, Germany, Spain etc., starting from the Middle ages, through the Renaissance of 15th and 16th centuries, until the 17th century England. Most of the dances are authentic - the sources are the works of choreographers of the period which have lasted up until now, but there are also world-known dance historians’ and choreographers’ dance productions and interpretations in Ballare’s repertoire.

During these years Ballare has performed in numerous concerts and events offering its audience varied, bright, theatrical performances - presenting the court dance of the period, and also portraying stories and legends. These performances always have been exciting and rewarded with a wide responsiveness from audience. What’s more – Ballare dancers ask their audience to join in the dance therefore creating a pleasant and friendly atmosphere without drawing a line between the dancers and the audience.

Ballare is interested in dance as well as in people of the Renaissance period, their relationships, culture, environment, history, food. Costumes representing each period, are made by the dancers themselves, sticking to the historic sources and using appropriate methods.

Since 2004 the artistic leader of Ballare is Guna Ezermale (Mag. Artis) – certified ballet-dancer, professional choreographer and author and consultant of many dance, theatre and early music performances.

* Ballare (it.) – to dance.

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